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"Kanji" Washi Tape "武士道"



箔押しマスキングテープの 『 個体差 』 について ( 2018/03/11 ) ⇒ https://gyogyogyogyogyo.stores.jp/news/5aa51c185f786651e70008fd ※ For international shipping (海外発送について) ⇒ https://gyogyogyogyogyo.stores.jp/news/56ed62533bcba93d05009b7d "Kanji" Washi Tape with gold foil. "武士道" on this tape is read as Bushido. Bushido is the samurai spirit of Japan. "武" means military arts. "士" means Samurai. "道" means Road. Blue of this Washi Tape is letterpress printing. And "kanji" is stamping by excellent craftsmanship of Japan. 15mmx15m per roll Conversion: 15mm = 0.59 inch 15m = 16 yards = 49 feet = 590 inches Manufactured by Shinyodo Co., Ltd. Distributed by Cosmotech Inc. Made in Japan