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※ For international shipping (海外発送について) ⇒ https://gyogyogyogyogyo.stores.jp/news/56ed62533bcba93d05009b7d This is a sheet-like washi seal. Beautiful printersflowers decoration on paper will have been processed in the gold foil and silver foil. Beautiful foil stamping of the two colors must be adjusted by skilled craftsmen . This beautiful washi seal has been designed by Mr. Tetsukiyo Sakaguchi (fengfeeldesign). He has been creating a lot of beautiful printersflowers decoration. And, he has creative activities about them. This sheet is decorated with 12 kinds of decoration of the beautiful printersflowers, you can separate all to use as a seal. We are happy if you enjoy the collaboration about Japanese craftmanship, washi paper and beautiful prinetrsflowers. Specification : a set of three sheets Paper : Japanese Washi paper Size : Height 297mm × Width 210mm ( Height 20mm × Width 205mm / a tape ) Processing : Gold & Silver foil stamping, Half cut die Credit : Designed by Tetsukiyo Sakaguchi( http://www.fengfeeldesign.org/ ) Download ⇒ printersflowers( https://gumroad.com/fengfeeldesign ) Manufactured by Cosmotech Inc. Distributed by Cosmotech Inc. Made in Japan