I love Cosmotech's attempt! Are your produts not sold in a real store?

Thank you very much!
We do not have our real store. And we do not wholesale our products to actual stores.

Because we think our products being sold as an experimental printed matter.

"Can we impress you with foil push?"
"How much high-precision expression can craftmen perform manually?"

These are the challenges and experiments of Cosmotech.
All items sold in our web store are like "technical specimens" or "technical indicators"

Therefore, the name of the web store is "Cosmotech サンプル 直売所".

"サンプル" means Cosmotech's "technical specimen" or "technical indicator".
"直売所" means that Cosmotech's craftmen make products, sell products, and disseminate our technical capabilities.

Cosmotech's technology is made manually by craftsmen.
Our work is the opposite of digitization and automation.

We are experimenting every day from questions and challenges. "Is it possible to leave hot stamping technology and craftsmanship?

We believe that there is a possibility that ourselves will be extinct, so repeat experiments to make experimental products. We are asking to the world what to do with our technology and craftsmanship. That's how "コスモテックサンプル直売所" is.