【 Attention!!!!! 】 About all Cosmotech foil stamping masking tapes

All Cosmotech foil stamping masking tapes are handcrafted by artisans to bring out the delicate design and appeal of the foil stamping.

Due to its characteristics, there are the following things.

 Foil may stick to the thing which stuck the tape.
 The foil adhered to the adhesive can be seen through the surface of the tape.
 There is a slight difference in the position where the pattern of the tape was cut.

Be sure to understand the above characteristics when purchasing a tape.

Tapes with the above characteristics are not defective products, so they can not be returned or exchanged. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

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  • 【 受注生産会 】2019年5月1日(水)~2019年5月17日(金)まで ― 『 風の種子(たね) 』 箔押しマスキングテープ

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